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Trivia events are an extremely popular and successful way of getting together to have fun, exercise the brain a little – and to raise money for your organisation.

Zoom Trivia is an experienced trivia event company, presenting events in Melbourne and in country Victoria under the banner of Melbourne Trivia.

Zoom Trivia and Melbourne Trivia
it's amazing what we know!

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Fund-raising events

A great way of raising funds... A great way of having fun...

schools - kindergartens - childcare centres
charities - social clubs - sporting clubs - hospitals

We have not only proved our planning and money-raising expertise, but we have also proved our entertainment value. Put briefly: we are professionals.

Our professionals can help to make raising money much easier

Guests make up tables of up to ten people. Each table competes against the other tables – but not too seriously. The aim is for everyone to enjoy themselves.

Advise you on publicity and help with planning before the event. We bring pens, answer sheets and score sheets, bring the sound system, music etc.

Provide the people and the venue, organise the prizes and organise the catering (BYO is usually best).

Ring Alan at 03 9372 5598 or 0419 599 372 to discuss our fee.
Or e-mail us: alan@thezoomcompany.com

If the aim of the event is to raise money,
if you don't make a profit, we won't charge you

"Thanks Zoom, we wanted $1,500 and we made $3,000 towards the new school hall AND we had a great time too. Thanks for the dancing afterwards." Primary School Parents Association,
"I'm glad we paid somebody this year, it worked much better" Cricket club, western suburbs.
"I thoroughly enjoyed the night, and would like to book your services for an event for a different group" Company executive
"It was great - a real laugh" Primary school.
"We definitely want you back again next year" Junior football club, country Victoria.
"We raised much more than we expected" Child Care Centre, eastern suburbs.
"$5,000! We expected about 2!" Pre-school Centre inner-eastern suburbs.

Ring us at 03 9372 5598
to arrange a no-obligation meeting
or click here to e-mail us

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Zoom Trivia and Melbourne Trivia
Pub Trivia... the intelligent alternative

There's a lot of Pub Trivia around Melbourne, what sets us apart is that our Pub Trivia doesn't just concentrate on popular culture and commercial TV – we have a range of subjects and levels that challenges whilst being entertaining and good fun.

Ideal early in the week — Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. Teams of up to eight people.

Questions on General Knowledge, Sports and Games, History, Politics, Science, Arts, Movies, Television, Music - modern, musicals and classical. Questions are prepared with your group in mind — hard enough to make it worthwhile coming, easy enough not to put people off.

Bring the sound equipment, answer sheets, scoreboard, scrap paper... even the pens.

Provide the room, the prizes and the bar.

Talk to us to discuss payment — we're not too greedy
E-mail us at: alan@thezoomcompany.com

Ring us at 03 9372 5598
to arrange a no-obligation meeting

or click here to e-mail us

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                                                                Our Hosts

Led by international entertainer, Alan Lovett, Zoom Trivia's hosts are experienced professional performers as well as trivia enthusiasts. They know how to bring you a wonderful evening of trivia, comedy, music and fun. They are also expert at including games and activities specifically aimed at raising money.

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Ring 03 9372 5598
to arrange a no-obligation meeting
or click here to e-mail us

Zoom Trivia and Melbourne Trivia
26 Tennyson Street
Kensington, Victoria, 3031

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