Theatre Reviews

Reviews of some of Alan Lovett’s work


Bottom’s Dream
by Alan Lovett

Bottom’s Dream had a fantastic tour to eight Canadian Fringe Theatre Festivals in 1999: sell-outs (5 out of 7) in Edmonton; third best selling show in Ottawa. The comedy also did well at the Adelaide Fringe in 2000

4½stars “Funny and mesmerizing … Not to be missed” The Edmonton Journal

4stars“It’s a lovely little piece that mixes the literate comedy of  Shakespeare in Love with the gentle pathos of The Dresser  Calgary Herald 

4stars“Lovett is a likable stage presence who performs his one-man show with ease and conviction.”  Winnipeg Free Press

“…one of the best shows at the Fringe” Vue Weekly

“Lovett is full value … a gentle and charming performance.” StarPhoenix (Saskatoon)

 “The show is a clever tribute to theatre and Shakespeare – and a loving homage to the acting  profession.”  Ottawa Citizen

Hilarious! A very very witty show, well paced and truly amusing.” O.F.F. the Record

“Clever writing, great presentation.”  Review from the Edge


amsA Man’s Story
by Alan Lovett 
in collaboration with Chris Gregory

A Man’s Story is about Robert, a quiet ex-teacher, living alone, whose obsession leads him to radical discoveries about who he is and what made him that way.

In a gentle and sometimes even funny fashion, the play looks at some of the reasons so many men in our society are violent. It is a very relevant play in a world where people are asking questions about issues like gun control and violence towards women

4stars“Hard polished theatre”  Adelaide Advertiser

5starsIn a quiet, fluid story of two quite different men, Australian Alan Lovett rides the natural current between what we say and do and what                                 happens as a result. Intelligent and smart.” Edmonton Journal

“I had expected something very difficult but I got something intelligent, insightful and sensitive”  Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

4 stars “A chilling reminder of how acceptable sexism can still be”  Winnipeg Free Press


alflogo2Alf and The Kid
by Alan Lovett

 At 50 years-old, Alf finds himself on the streets; partly because of poverty but mainly because of his bad temper. When he meets a 13 year-old street kid, Alf is sure he knows more about life than The Kid. Well he must… Mustn’t he?

Alf and The Kid is an unlikely comedy about the very serious plight of the middle-aged homeless and the anger that so often is the root cause of their problem.

4stars“To steal a line from Australian writer/director/actor Alan Lovett, this one-man comedy is f…king great.”  Winnipeg Free Press
One of the “Best of the Best” at the Edmonton Fringe.  See Magazine

3stars“…a touching little show about homelessness” Globe and Mail

“There are some lovely moments”  Terminal City (Vancouver)
Alf and The Kid is full of chuckles, but it still gets a strong point across”  StarPhoenix